Special And Popular Replica Omega Speedmaster “Tintin Dials” Watches

Many one will distinguish this perfect fake Omega Speedmaster from other ordinary models at first sight of this special edition. Since its dial is too unique. The white and red grids make them more eye-catching. The design will remind you of the Racing dials that Speedmaster created in 1968.

The black and red elements on the dial are eye-catching.
Steel Bracelet Fake Omega Speedmaster

Although the appearance of this Omega copy with black dial looks similar to the Racing dials model, this timepiece has their own name: Tintin dials. The unique timepiece has close relationship with the “The Adventures of Tintin”.

The timepiece has been equipped with the legendary calibre 1861.
Legendary Fake Omega Speedmaster Tintin Watches

Omega created such a distinctive Canada imitation watch with steel case to commemorate the background story of the “The Adventures of Tintin”. Like majority of commemorative Speedmaster watches, the movement equipped inside of the timepieces are calibre 1861.

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