Beagle Prints Lead To Canada 2024 AAA Omega Snoopy MoonSwatch Replica Watches Launch

In the end, the trail of beagle prints in Swatch’s teaser campaign for a new cheap replica Omega Snoopy MoonSwatch watches ended in that most traditional of notices: full page adverts in good old fashioned newspapers.

Swatch had dialled up its pre-launch social media hype with a series of videos featuring Snoopy howling at the moon and, earlier this week, appearing in a glowing moonphase complication.

The newspaper adverts, which showed a paw print in the surface of the moon, but had no brand named in the artwork, announced a launch date of March 26 for whatever it was promoting.

This was the final piece of the puzzle, and a white dialled version of the 1:1 CA fake Omega MoonSwatch watches with Snoopy and his birdbrained pal Woodstock reclining on two circling moons will land next week.

This is the first time the design of a top fake Omega MoonSwatch watches has been shown in full ahead of its launch date.

That may increase the risk of dangerous crowds gathering at the select Swatch stores that host launch events but, if the hype of MoonSwatch’s original launch two years’ ago is rekindled (without injury), the campaign will be judged another big win for Swatch Group’s fastest-growing brand.

Swatch has named the best copy watches the Full Moon Mission to the Moonphase but most likely it will forever be known as the MoonSwatch Snoopy. It has been priced at £270.

In the dark, the moon and stars of the display glow blue, in contrast to green lume used for the hands and hour markers, and a secret message, “I can’t sleep without a night light!” appears.

The 42mm bioceramic high quality replica watches runs from a battery-powered quartz movement and is sold on a white velcro strap.

Swatch has said it will only be available to buy from March 26 selected Swatch stores, adding that only one super clone watches online can be purchased per person, per day and per Swatch store.

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