Swiss Top Recently Auctioned Fake Watches For Canada — Featuring Patek Philippe, Rolex, And Cartier

All the famous ones in Geneva had incredibly impressive timepieces under the hammer. Some amazing Swiss made replica watches, including rare or unique vintage ones, were in the avalanche of timepieces we saw for sale at the yearly spring auctions. We went through the different results and picked our favorite auctioned watches that stand out not because of their prices but because we love them. It’s as simple as that.

Replica Rolex ref. 4113 Watches — €3,284,000

You knew this was coming. How could we not start with John Goldberger’s cheap CA fake Rolex ref. 4113 watches auctioned during Monaco Legend Auctions’ Exclusive Timepieces event? This is the ultra-rare Rolex that Goldberger popped open with a cheese knife he’d just wiped on his jacket during a conversation with Ben Clymer in a legendary episode of Talking Watches. Rolex produced only 12 pieces of this 44mm stainless steel split-seconds chronograph in the 1940s. Of the 12, only nine are known to the public today.

Therefore, this is one of the rarest 1:1 China Rolex copy watches currently out there and a grail for Rolex collectors. A remarkable fact is that the dials of the different ref. 4113s are slightly different. As a result, every single story of each of the 4113s is interesting and it makes this reference somewhat of an enigma. Goldberger’s ref. 4113 features a tachymeter and a telemeter scale that is believed to have been blue but gracefully discolored over time, bringing some nuance to the beautiful dial.

At the heart of this rare watch is the Valjoux 55 VBR caliber. This column-wheel chronograph movement was for pocket watches and measures 39mm in diameter, which explains the large 44mm case. Especially in the 1940s, this was a huge watch. But it’s also very slim to help make it wearable.

Whether the new owner will wear this fantastic acquisition is a mystery. We know that Monaco Legend Auctions pulled in €3,284,000 for the watch and the case opener/cheese knife that Goldberger got from a fan. While the knife is a fun prop, this special timepiece is seriously cool, so we thought we should kick off our list of recently auctioned perfect replica watches with it.

Fake Patek Philippe ref. 3970/2 Watches — CHF 203,200

Our second pick is one of the many high quality Canada Patek Philippe replica watches that were auctioned. The Genevan brand has created an abundance of different pieces that are sought after by collectors. We picked the brilliant Patek Philippe ref. 3970/2 in platinum, lot 89 from Phillips’ The Geneva Watch Auction: XIX featuring the Guido Mondani Collection. The Patek ref. 3970 was introduced in 1986 as the successor to the legendary ref. 2499.

With the introduction of the reference, the brand switched from a Valjoux to a Lemania-based movement. The super clone watches for sale also got leap-year and 24-hour indicators for the first time. Some of you might know that Eric Clapton used to own a white gold version with a salmon dial that was auctioned in 2016.

We love this piece because it is executed in platinum, creating an almost understated presence. I said “almost” because the stunning integrated platinum bracelet has a show-off factor that is hard to match. The watch was available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum. Patek Philippe produced a total of 4,000 pieces, but the platinum ones are the rarest by far.

This example came with two different dials to make it even more special. The first is the standard white one that gives the luxury fake watches a super stylish neo-vintage appeal. But to make the story of this watch unique, the new owner also got a super nice salmon dial with diamond indices. That dial was supplied by the watch’s previous owner and fitted by Patek Philippe, giving the watch two cool and distinct looks.

Cartier Crash ref. WGCH0037 Replica Watches — CHF 298,450

Let’s jump on the hype for our third pick. While the absolute craziness over popular (modern) versions of the classics has died down significantly during auctions, Cartier is an exception. We also see this on the pre-owned market. The Parisian brand is bucking the trend of decreasing prices for pre-owned watches and many auctioned pieces. A great example of the brand’s popularity is this white gold Cartier Crash with a salmon dial that was auctioned for a staggering CHF 298,450. It was one of the many AAA 2024 Cartier replica watches that sold for way over the (always low) pre-auction estimate during Phillips’ The Geneva Watch Auction: XIX featuring the Guido Mondani Collection.

Granted, the watch is rare. In fact, this is only the third known version of this specific iteration of the Crash, which is not a regular-production model but a made-to-order version. Quite a few of us at Fratello love Cartier and the Crash. It’s a great and unique display of the brand’s distinctive design language.

But seeing how the brand can fetch top dollar at auctions is remarkable. Indeed, this Crash was not the only Cartier fake watches online site that changed owners for a lot of money. During the same Phillips auction, a 1931 Tank à Guichets sold for CHF 406,400, a late-’90s platinum version of the same watch fetched CHF 120,650, and a 1970s Tank Cintrée brought in CHF 196,850. Those are just three examples of rare Cartier pieces that displayed the brand’s popularity during this spring’s auctions. Collectors seem to love Cartier’s designs and cultural legacy.

Rolex Oyster Chronographe ref. 6036 Fake Watches — CHF 609,600

Our next pick is another Rolex, but it’s not just any other replica watches store from The Crown. This Oyster Chronographe ref. 6036 is also known as the “Jean-Claude Killy” after the champion alpine ski racer and Rolex ambassador. This model is special because it combines a full calendar with a chronograph complication.

Rolex fans will know that there are different references known as “The Killy.” References 4767, 4768, and 5036 from the late 1940s preceded the 6036. Additionally, reference 6236 replaced the 6036 in 1958.

Usually, the 6036 is made of stainless steel with a white dial. However, for special clients, Rolex created yellow gold and pink gold versions of the best quality replica watches. The latter is the rarest by far. It features a 36mm case that protects the modified Valjoux 72C inside. This specific pink gold ref. 6036 “Jean-Claude Killy” looks stunning.

It is in great condition, which is probably why it sold for a whopping CHF 609,600. In return, the new owner will get one of the legendary Rolex chronographs from the past on a fitting pink gold bracelet that makes it even better. This is a favorite of mine along with a yellow gold ref. 6238 that was auctioned in Monaco last month.

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