Tudor Pelagos 39 Replica Watches UK

The year 2022 was another great year for Tudor replica watches. The Black Bay Pro, the Ranger, and the Black Bay GMT S&G all gained much praise after they were revealed. But the one release that stood out for us was the fake Tudor watches Pelagos 39. It introduced the characteristic ‘true’ fake Tudor style we know from the original Pelagos in a smaller size. It makes the Pelagos 39 the perfect fit for various wrist sizes.

While its bigger 42mm brother was much favored in the comments of our Sunday Morning Showdown of the two Pelagos models, the Pelagos 39 actually received the most votes. It shows that this 39mm titanium Tudor fake watches diver was a great move that is the next big hit by Tudor. There seems to be no stopping the brand, making us curious to find out what is next. But for now, the Pelagos 39 is amongst this year’s best.

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